Five Points and Eight Elements

Love, or respect and care that features harmony.

Chariness, or considerateness that produces a soothing effect.

Patience, or insistence that pursues understanding.

Perseverance, or constant efforts.

Humanity, or conscience that aims at the fulfillment of obligations.

Medical treatment. It refers to the observance of the health management of the nursing institution and prescribed arrangement for physiotherapy, medical treatment and rehabilitation, with a view to facilitating the cure, rehabilitation, relief of pains and pursuit of happy twilight years.

Nursing care. It refers to the cares for the elderly, such as longevity preservation featuring auxiliary care, semi-process care and whole-process care, the observance of the health management of the nursing institution and prescribed arrangement for physiotherapy, medical treatment and rehabilitation and the facilitation of the cure and the pursuit of happy and healthy twilight years.

Culture. It refers to the moral cultivation of temperament through the knowledge input of books, instruments, calligraphy, paintings, poems and in the fields of history, science, media, university, art and so on, in an effort to combat aging and senile dementia, then finally achieving healthiness and longevity.

Amusement. It refers to the efforts in the form of singing, dancing, theatrical performance, body strengthening, short play, cross-talk, yoga and travelling that help the elderly forget the annoyance, anxiety and just relax. The enhancement of immunity and self-healing ability will contribute to the healthiness and longevity preservation. It belongs to self health care.

Relaxation. It refers to a series of activities that aim to meet individual mental desires, spiritual pleasure and physical health in reality through relaxations, including sports, pet keeping, chess playing, ecologic and botanic garden, hand-crafting, cooking, embroidery, chatting, tea appreciation, retrospection, love, music, hot spring SPA, fishing, partying, festivals, parent-child activities, games, university for the elderly, pilgrimage, fund-raising, Leifeng Day, volunteering, LOHAS and the like.

Recuperation. It refers to a series of services intended for patients with chronic diseases, geriatric diseases, or in convalescence after injury or surgery, and healthy people. Its purpose is to eliminate fatigue of healthy people, strengthen physique, cure or improve chronic diseases in varying degrees, and promote rehabilitation in patients with acute diseases or postoperative patients. Recuperation is conducted with the help of natural physical and chemical factors and artificial physical factors, physical training, nutrition and medicine supply.

Peace. It refers to hospice care that enables the elderly to spend the rest of life and return to earth in peaceful, comfortable, harmonious, dignified and divine atmosphere.

Faith. It refers to the encourage of the pursuit of certain religious theories, thoughts or doctrines, like the conviction and revere of communism as the code of conduct and guiding principle. To a large extent, the faith can enhance the immunity and promote the full play to the potential of self-healing, boost confidence, alleviate pains and confront everything with a happy heart.