Time Bank

Lvkang Time Bank APP aims at precise docking between the need for a public welfare organization with the volunteers through the mobile Internet. Those volunteers that have registered in real names on the platform can respond to and participate in public service in real time, At the same time, the APP platform can also record the service time of volunteers. The value of love obtained through the service can be converted into many kinds of goods and services so as to encourage the service of volunteers. The product can be downloaded on the PC and mobile ends.

Under the support of the government, enterprises and establishments, institutions of higher learning, public welfare social organizations, etc., with the assistance of the Lvkang Time Bank platform, its volunteers give full play to their personal expertise to provide voluntary services to the social groups in need, thereby meeting their needs and improving the quality of life; at the same time, by providing services, volunteers can accumulate and save time credits (credit currency) for future needs, specifically the services or products that can be provided by the Lvkang Time Bank platform. In general, the implementation of the project is to address social needs and problems, to create a harmonious environment featuring mutual help, and to advocate a positive social atmosphere of kindness.

Service function: 1. A docking platform for public welfare resources. 2. A volunteer service management platform. 3. An exchange platform for time credits. 4. An intelligent solution to social problems.

Features of Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Service: In an effort to foster and develop the features of Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Service, A. institutions may release simple volunteering service of caring, and Lvkang can provide the group of volunteers with concentrated training of simple caring for free (or at a low price); B. Lvkang can provide the discount, coupon or a privilege of free service of the same kind when the time currency is cashed in.

Core Values: Respect, Integration, Exchange, Support, Share

Logo and Slogan

1.The combination of green and yellow represents the greenness and healthiness against the sunset, as well as the passion and vitality.

2.A solarium that begins with the logo of Lvkang, witnesses the love and efforts of the volunteers, which embodies the core values of Time Bank and represents the sunset cause, sun-rising industry dedicated by Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Service.

3.The two hands support the love cause and join the hands of people from all walks of life. The mutual benefit will contribute to a new trend of social kindness.

4.“Today’s action is tomorrow’s achievement”, is a fine explanation and expression of the welfare action.