Nursing Assistant Day of Lvkang Medical Care Group is exerting unprecedented influences, accing to the coverage of mainstream media including Chinanews, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Sina, on the event of the seventh 529 Nursing Assistant Day

Release time:2017-06-02

Editor’s Note After seven years of persistence and efforts, it won’t be long before the first “5•29 Nursing Assistant Day” first initiated by Lvkang Medical Care Group in officially launched in Zhejiang Province and even throughout the country!

Since the founder and chairman of Lvkang Medical Care Group, Zhuo Yongyue, formally proposed the establishment of “5•29Nursing Assistant Day” and took the lead in launching “5•29Nursing Assistant Day” in 2011. Lvkang Medical Care Group’s “5•29Nursing Assistant Day” has been successfully held seven times with unprecedented influence.

On May 29, the 7th “5•29Nursing Assistant Day” and the Award Presentation Ceremony of “Top Ten Excellent Nurses” were held in Lvkang (Binjiang, Hangzhou) Sunshine Home, with the theme of “building a professional team and practicing precision nursing care” as the theme. A series of activities, such as professional skill training, practical nursing performance, award presentation of “Top Ten Excellent Nurses” and the like, attracted the attention of all walks of life and coverage by many important media throughout the country.

On the night of the event, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s Zhejiang News, and Hangzhou TV Station’s Pearl News, reported on the 7th “5•29Nursing Assistant Day” of the Lvkang Medical Care Group. At the same time, China News, Sina, Media China, Phoenix (IFENG) and other mainstream media carried out coverage, drawing widespread attentions from all walks of life. This article is reproduced from the original text of China News Network on May 31, 2017 in the home page of the “Industry and Economy Center” under the title of The Seventh 5•29Nursing Assistant Day Held in the Lvkang Medical Care Group.

Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Service calls for more respect, care and help from the senior service industry and the society to the nursing assistants. It is hoped that the nursing assistants can soon celebrate their own festival, National 5•29Nursing Assistant Day.

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