Executive Meeting of the State Council: Supporting the Import of Medical Devices, Rehabilitation Equipment and Machines for Elderly Care

Release time:2018-09-06

On June 13th, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, deployed the three-year action plan to protect the blue sky and continuously improve air quality; determined measures to further expand imports and promote restructuring, improving people's livelihood and the balanced development of foreign trade.

The meeting pointed out that we shall follow the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, conform to the expectations of the masses and meet the requirements of high-quality development. With the goals achieved on schedule which were put forward in the Ten Action Plans on Prevention and Control of Air Pollution and the overall improvement of air quality, we shall give biggest concern to key areas such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta region, etc. Through three years of efforts, the concentration of fine particles and days of heavy pollution shall be significantly reduced. First, we must prevent and control pollution at its source and focus on key objects. In key areas, it is forbidden to add new production capacity like steel, coking, and electrolytic aluminum, and increase the elimination standard for excess production capacity. Concentrate on reducing the use of low quality coal. Greatly increase the proportion of railway freight. Encourage the elimination of inland navigation vessels using for more than 20 years. From January 1 next year, the country will fully supply gasoline and diesel for vehicles that meet China VI Emission Standard. Develop and promote energy-saving and efficient technologies and products, cultivate and develop environment friendly industries. Second, we must control pollution step by step in scientific and rational ways. Continue to control the total amount of coal consumption in key areas, eliminate coal-fired units and small boilers that do not meet the standards in an orderly and effective fashion. Establish an enterprise discharge permit system covering all fixed pollution sources, and resolutely rectify those which cannot meet the emission standards. Tighten the control of dust pollution and surface mines, and improve prohibition of straw burning. Proceed from reality, use electricity, gas, coal, and heat in line with local conditions, ensure people in the northern region can get through the winter warm and safe. Third, innovate environmental supervision methods. Promote supervision method like "double random, one publicity", encourage the public to report environmental illegal activities. Tighten the supervision of environmental law enforcement, take major challenges and deal with air pollution in autumn and winter, diesel truck pollution, industrial furnaces and volatile organic compound, etc. in key areas. Improve regulations, standards and environmental monitoring networks, enhance information disclosure, assessment and accountability system, mobilize all social forces to make the sky blue again.

In order to promote win-win strategy of opening up, maintain free trade, further increase imports while stabilizing exports, force domestic industry transformation and upgrading and better meet diverse needs of the masses, the meeting determined to meet the needs of consumption upgrading and supply quality improvement, support the imports of daily necessities, devices for medical care, rehabilitation and elderly services, which concerns the national economy and people’s livelihood, reduce import tax rate of some commodities and intermediate circulation, clean up unreasonable markups, so that the masses can truly feel the benefits of tax cuts. Strive to develop emerging services trade, and promote the import of productive services such as R&D, logistics, consulting services, energy-saving and environmental protection. Improve the policy of duty-free shops and expand the import of duty-free products. Increase the import of technical equipment which is conducive to transformation and development. The meeting proposed to optimize the import customs clearance process, carry out international mutual accreditation system of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), improve the level of import trade facilitation. Clean up unreasonable control measures and charges for import. Innovate import trade mode and support the development of new industry forms such as cross-border e-commerce. Consolidate the construction of foreign trade credit system and intellectual property protection. Promote effective interaction between foreign trade and foreign investment.