The 4th International Conference of Long-Term Care Was Held at University of New South Wales, Australia - Chairman Zhuo Yongyue Was Invited to Attend and Delivered a Keynote Speech.

Release time:2018-08-07

On August 1st, the 4th International Conference of Long-Term Care began in a grand opening ceremony at the AGSM Building in the University of New South Wales, Australia. Zhuo Yongyue, the chairman of Lvkang Medical Care Group was invited to attend the opening ceremony and the "Industry Day" activity on the first day. Mr. Zhuo Yongyue also serves as the president of Medical Care & Senior Service Affiliate of China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service, and the chairman of Medical Care & Senior Service Committee of Zhejiang Health Services Promotion Council. Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Services Mode was highly regarded by the world's top experts, scholars and industry's biggest names.

The scene of the 4th International Conference of Long-Term Care

Professor Andrew Cole from Hanmonfcare (the most professional institution for dementia care) gave a speech

With the aging of population, the demand for long-term care in Asia is growing very fast.                                               John Piggott, director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), said that by 2050, the population of Asia over 80 years old will quadruple to more than 250 million with China reaching 120 million. Among these elderly people over 80 years old, about 60 to 70 million population will grow between 2035 and 2050. There will be an explosion in long-term care demands. Governments, enterprises and individuals shall make adequate preparations to deal with it.

Long-term care is a global project of vital importance in dealing with aging, and it is also one the fastest growing industries in the world. The 4th International Conference of Long-Term Care is the fourth meeting of the triennial conferences started in Berlin, Germany in 2007. The first three sessions were held in the United States, Hong Kong, etc. The conference was co-sponsored by the UNSW Australia Business School and CEPAR. With the theme of “Aging and Caring: Global Challenges and Responses”, the conference brought together scholars, policy makers and industry leaders to explore the new directions of long-term care. It focused on the coordination between policy initiatives and requirements of industry and investment. Over one hundred representatives from Australia and China attended the conference, including Prof. John Piggott, director of CEPAR, Dr. Bei Lu, researcher at the University of New South Wales and CEPAR, Prof. Andrew Cole from Hanmonfcare (the most professional institution for dementia care), Mr. Liu Bing, Asia head of global markets, Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Prof. Du Peng, vice president of Renmin University of China (RUC), director of Gerontology Institute of RUC, and international leader of aging research, Liu Yunhua, executive president of China International Nursing Homes President Association, and the Asia-Pacific director of the World Bank Social Security, officials from Australian Department of Commerce, representatives from the old-age industry and academic circles in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). These people discussed in depth the cooperation and development in old-age industry among China, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Old-age care institutions from Australia had deep communications with Chinese enterprises and institutions for old-age care services among which Lvkang Medical Care Group was included. The academic conference even covered the latest research results of long-term care from prevention to specific nursing.

It is reported that CEPAR is an integrated high-level platform for professional research on aging in Australia and even in the whole world. The center is located at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, with nodes at Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and the University of Western Australia. The center has built partnerships with the government, industry and international organizations. With a seven-year grant from Australian Research Council and the support from partner universities and organizations, the center has founded independent multidisciplinary research with great influence in March 2011, and built research capacity in population aging field.

“Industry Day” provided industry participants and scholars with a communication platform through which they could explore best practices and innovative models for long-term care, face future challenges and seize opportunities. ''Industry Day" also provided participants with opportunities to explore the potential of industry cooperation. Chairman Zhuo Yongyue participated in "Industry Day" activities and made a keynote speech entitled "Elderly Care: Lvkang Medical Care and Senior Services - Pattern & Prospection". The speech was carried out mainly on three aspects: the development model of Lvkang Medical Care Group, the international cooperation of the Group, and prospects for international cooperation. Mr. Zhuo Yongyue had deeply communicated and discussed with experts and scholars on the opportunities and challenges in the future development of long-term care. These experts and scholars included Mr. Sarah Butler, the health leader in Southeast Asia and New Zealand, and the head of Asia Pacific Insurance Strategy, PWC, Dr. Shane Moran, executive director of Provectus Care Group, Prof. Branko Celler from the University of New South Wales, Lin Hanya, the chairman of Taiwan Long-Term Care Association, etc.

Chairman Zhuo Yongyue made a keynote speech

Zhuo Yongyue said that after 12 years of aggressive exploration and innovative practices in the integration of medical care and senior services, Lvkang Medical Care Group had built a hospital-running model featuring "New Approach of Public Private Partnership" and "The Integration of Medical Care, Senior Service, Rehabilitation Care, and the Disabled Support". With an experienced team of professionals featuring "medical care, senior living, nursing care and rehabilitation", the Group had provided all-round services for elderly group who had rigid demand, including the elderly with disabilities, dementia, self-care and semi-self-care, the disabled (including mentally retarded, physically disabled and mental disabled), and patients with chronic diseases and those needing hospice cares. Now the Group has 17 rehabilitation hospitals & nursing homes, 9 high-quality service institutions for the aged and the disabled. It has grown into an international group company covering healthy senior service industry chains of 8 fields including senior service, medical treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, teaching and learning, scientific research, culture, geriatric products and trade.

He also stated that in recent years, Lvkang Medical Care Group has successively built contacts and partnerships with relevant institutions, universities and enterprises in Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. Lvkang Medical Care Group has possessed comprehensive international cooperation capabilities and high-quality platform for international exchanges and cooperation through the introduction and digestion of global advanced technologies and models, the cooperation with advanced memory care center, integration of medical care and senior services, the development of geriatric products, as well as attending international conferences, personnel training and information exchanges in many years, etc. Lvkang Medical Care Group will speed up the pace of international exchanges and cooperation, and provide Chinese wisdom and Lvkang Mode for medical care, senior living and nursing care under the background of global aging.

It was learned that this was another important international conference in elderly service area attended by Chairman Zhuo Yongyue after the First France-Sino Forum on Hospital Health Management and Healthy Ageing in Aix-les-Bains in October 2017. Mr. Zhuo Yongyue attended the forum and made a keynote speech. At the forum, Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Services Mode got heightened attention from experts, scholars and industry's biggest names who had attended the forum. They exchanged opinions and shared their cooperation intentions with Chairman Zhuo Yongyue after the meeting.

Chairman Zhuo Yongyue had a pleasant conversation with Dr. Shane Moran, executive director of Provectus Care Group, which is Australia's largest group company

Chairman Zhuo Yongyue exchanged opinions and took photos with experts and scholars attending the meeting