Review the Pledge of joining the Party and Practice the Red Medical Care and Senior Service | Company to carry out the activities of Party members on the theme, and celebrating the 97th Anniversary of the founding of the Party

Release time:2018-07-04

“I hereby declare, by oath, that I am committed to joining the Chinese Communist Party on a voluntary basis, and I absolutely and entirely admit all allegiance and fidelity to its program and constitution; that I will fulfill a Party member’s duties whole-heartedly and carry out all the Party’s decisions; that I will strictly observe the Party's discipline, and guard all its secrets; and that I will maintain loyalty and faithfulness to it, working hard...” There came sonorous and forceful vows from Jiaxing Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall.

On July 1, on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, Chairman Zhuo Yongyue led executives of the group and more than 60 party members of the company to visit Nanhu, Jiaxing to launch a party member activity under the theme of “reviewing the oath of joining the Party and practicing the Red Medical Care & Senior Service”, to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Party.

Under the leadership of Wu Yunfang, assistant to the general manager, all the party members held up their right hand, clenched their fists, and solemnly read the oath of joining the party. All the party members present were feeling thrilled and firming their conviction to fight for the prospective Communism throughout their life.

During the event, the chairman, Zhuo Yongyue, sent a message to all party members that they should unify their ideologies, firmly grasp the important task of the company’s development, unify their thinking to the main line of seeking the development of the company, and strive to create a learning party organization, constantly improve the overall quality of the Party members, establish a correct world outlook, values and career outlook, purify the mind, improve the realm, and truly form a good atmosphere of readiness, devotion, performance and contribution, let the party member become the model of every person from Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Service; keep in mind the aim, constantly enrich the activity content, innovate the form of activity, give full play to the role of the party organization as a fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of the broad masses of party members in service of employees and to enhance enterprise cohesion, and form a strong resultant force to promote the development of enterprises; it is necessary to build up the party committee of the company, brighten the Party construction brand, set up the image of the party members, and truly make the party construction “echo” with the development of the enterprise. Great efforts are to be poured into making the Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Service the national benchmark enterprise in senior service.

At the scene, Wu Yunfang, assistant to the general manager, gave all the party members a micro party class with the title of “Treading on Initial Aspiration and Carrying forward the Spirit of Red Boat’, comprehensively reviewed and interpreted the historical process, historical standing, profound connotation, and modern significance of the formation of the Spirit of Red Boat.

After reviewing the vows of joining the Party, all the members visited the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall together, seriously watched the literature, history and video records of the Chinese Communist Party from its birth, its development to its continuous growth, and its carving out of a new situation in the cause of socialist construction, and reviewed the glorious history of the Party and the struggle of countless forebears. Afterwards, everyone also paid tribute to the revolutionary red boat.

Through the activities, all the Party members once again realized the sense of honor, responsibility and mission of being a Communist Party member, and resolved to pass on the Spirit of Red Boat with a brand new image of the Communist Party members with the the care and support of the Party and government leaders at all levels, firmly strengthen the grand goal of the “Third Five-Year Plan” of Lvkang, unify thinking and step up efforts. They aimed to make concerted efforts, share burdens, make progresses and usher in a new situation of the development of Lvkang’s medical care and senior service, thus realizing Chinese Lvkang Dream of being the specialist of geriatric rehabilitation and nursing care and being the leader of aging service field.