Lvkang (Hangzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital

Lvkang (Hangzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital, belonged to Lvkang Medical Care Group, is the first geriatric rehabilitation nursing medical institution in Zhejiang Province, which is approved by the Health Bureau, jianggan District, Hangzhou and provides medical, rehabilitation and nursing services for the elderly with disabilities. It features with New Approach of Public Private Partnership and The Integration of Medical Care, Senior Service, Rehabilitation Care, and the Disabled Support. It has been listed as a designated national health insurance unit for retired cadres, urban employees and urban and rural residents in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. And it was assessed as a second level comprehensive hospital.

The functional facilities of the hospital are complete, including department of internal medicine, surgery, traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation medicine, psychiatry, medical imaging (ultrasound, DR diagnosis), medical examination, ECG and other clinical and auxiliary examination departments. In addition, there is a Recovery Treatment Center in large scale, which equipped with characteristic treatment items like sports therapy, occupational therapy, physical agents’ therapy, artistic behavior cognitive therapy, language training, high and low frequency treatment, infrared ray, magnet therapy, kerotherapy, medicated bath, TCD sufforcating, acupuncture and massage.

As the first geriatric rehabilitation nursing medical institution featured with New Approach of Public Private Partnership and the Integration of Medical Care and Senior Service in Zhejiang, it created comprehensive evaluation system for elderly medical care and senior services, established a standardization and integrated service system, through the mode of long-term care, three-dimensional rehabilitation and the trinity of senior living, nursing home, and hospital, and it paid great attention to life, health and personality dignity of the aged. Nowadays, 500 beds are currently opened. It has four major disease areas: senile dementia, long-term care and personalized palliative care, comprehensive rehabilitation of senile chronic diseases and mental and psychological rehabilitation. Grading nursing care and rehabilitation treatment are carried out for patients with dementia and disability, elderly patients with chronic diseases, psychiatric and personalized palliative patients. And establishes combined efforts with several top three hospitals in provincial level, opens green channels and implements the dual referral.

The hospital wins the recognition from all sectors of society by its precise, professional and innovate services. In 2008, lvkang was listed as one of the first batch of "National Model Base of Nursing Care" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Aging Development Foundation; In 2009, it was rated as "the top 10 Enterprises of National Pension Service Trusted Institutions" by The National Working Commission on Aging; In 2011, it won the “Innovation Award for Medical Reform” from Ministry of Public Health; In January 2017, it was awarded the first Standardization Model by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In November 2015, it was won the National Training Base for Pension Service by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Education.

The hospital has always been pursued for "helping children with filial piety realization, supporting parents in healthy aging domain and releasing pressure for the Communist Party and government”, carries forward the Chinese filial piety culture, care people with love, and struggling for becoming the most trusted health guardian of elderly friends ". At the same time, we also set up branch hospital in No.2 Social Welfare Institute of Lvkang (Hangzhou) Hospital and Xihu District Social Welfare Center and provide "the same quality with Lvkang Hospital” services for the elderly and the disabled within the nursing home.

  • Address:No.3, Bao Jiadu along mountain, Dinglan Street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
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