Lvkang (Jiaojiang, Taizhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital & Nursing Home, Maple View

Lvkang (Jiaojiang, Taizhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital & Nursing Home, Maple View was approved by the Health Bureau of Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, which was a "rehabilitation" medical institution that integrates with medical rehabilitation, nursing and health recuperation. It was founded in September 2016.

Located at No. 233 Qingnian Road, Haimen Street, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City (opposite to the Public Security Bureau of Jiaojiang District), the hospital has outpatient department, inpatient department and Rehabilitation department. The outpatient department has departments of medical, traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation medicine, acupuncture and massage, laboratory, radiology, Chinese medicine pharmacy, western medicine pharmacy, color ultrasound, ECG and other clinical departments, and set up 99 beds for medical treatment, nursing and rehabilitation. It mainly receives patients with chronic diseases such as stroke sequela, senile dementia, diabetes in middle or advanced stage, hypertension, dementia and disability. The hospital will make a comprehensive and individualized plan according to the health status of the elderly, including assessment, rehabilitation, nursing, sports, meals, entertainment, etc., and establish a dynamic health record, implementing 24-hour follow-up service. The Rehabilitation Hall offers sports treatment, operation treatment, physical factor treatment, language rehabilitation treatment and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatment rooms, to meet the medical care and rehabilitation needs of the elderly disabled in maximum.

The Maple View adheres to the principle of "the people first, the old the highest", "combining traditional Chinese and western medicine in treatment, togethering modern and traditional rehabilitation", and takes full advantages of “The Integration of Medical Care, Senior Service, Rehabilitation Care, and the Disabled Support", to do our bit to the rapid development of the elderly health service industry in Jiaojiang. we will serve you faithfully with the first-rate environment, first-class rehabilitation therapy and the best services!

  • Address:No. 233 Qingnian Road, Haimen Street, Jiaojiang District (opposite to the District Public Security Bureau)
  • Tel:0576-88220101
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