Lvkang (Huzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital & Nursing Home

Lvkang (Huzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital & Nursing Home (hereinafter referred to as the "Lvkang (Huzhou) Nursing Home") approved by Health Bureau of Wuxing District, Huzhou City, operated and managed by the Lvkang Medical Care Group, which is the first specialized hospital featured with New Approach of Public Private Partnership and the Integration of Medical Care and Senior Service in Huzhou City that provides medical, rehabilitation, nursing and other integrated services for the elderly and the disabled. And the medical rehabilitation, medical rehabilitation, long-term care, intensive care and palliative care are key livelihood projects of Wuxing People's Government in Huzhou City. It is the designated unit of health insurance for retired cadres, urban employees and urban and rural residents in Huzhou city, it has opened 250 beds.

The functional facilities of the nursing home are complete, and there are four major areas: elderly care service center, outpatient service, rehabilitation center and inpatient department.

I. Elderly Care Service Center: set up high-grade pension area and normal pension area, which provide healthy endowment, life nursing and health recreation service for old people in all levels. The main patients: the elderly who are relatively healthy, old, be advanced in age and poor in health and people needed to be cared for.

2. Outpatient service: medical department, traditional Chinese medicine department, rehabilitation medicine department, infusion room, Chinese and western medicine pharmacy; Medical technological Department: radiology (DR radiology) department, ultrasound (color ultrasound, ECG, dynamic ECG, BMD examination), medical examination, etc., to provide convenience medical services for the elderly in the outpatient department, nursing center and inpatient department;

3. Rehabilitation center: it offers sports treatment room, occupational treatment room, physical agents’ treatment room, language rehabilitation treatment room and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatment room, which can meet various rehabilitation needs of the elderly and disabled persons.

4、Inpatient department: it is divided into three areas: geriatric cognition, disability rehabilitation and nursing area, long-term care and palliative care area, and comprehensive chronic disease and nursing area. The main patients: cerebral apoplexy hemiplegia patients, elderly patients with chronic diseases, patients with alzheimer's disease, disabled patients and patients with palliative care.

The nursing home is equipped with Medical Gas Supply and call system, while the ICU is equipped with ventilator, monitor and defibrillator, etc. It establishes cooperative relationships with Huzhou Central Hospital and 98 hospitals, opens Green Channel and implementing the dual referral.

Lvkang (Huzhou) Nursing Home devoted to elderly rehabilitation nursing services with comfortable and kind consulting environment, specialized medical rehabilitation, humane quality service and reasonable charge standard, which has won the recognition of old friends and all walks of life in Huzhou, especially our standardized nursing services that has been listed as a model of medical nursing services in Huzhou, Wu Xing area, from mouth to mouth. we will try to practice the core values of "Pursuing high-quality life for the elders" of Lvkang Medical Care Group, carrying forward the Chinese filial piety culture, cared about your health, proactive in innovation, to provide a warm places reflected “elderly with a sense of belonging, of worthiness and of happiness,” striving to provide first-class medical rehabilitation technology, first-rated life care services for the old and disabled patients of Huzhou.

  • Address: No. 22, Beiqi Lane, Chaoyang Street, Wuxing District, Huzhou City
  • Tel: 0572-2590999