Lvkang (Pinghu, Jiaxing) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital & Nursing Home

Lvkang (Pinghu) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital & Nursing Home (hereinafter referred to as the "Lvkang (Pinghu) Nursing Home") operated and managed by the Lvkang Medical Care Group, which is the first specialized hospital in Pinghu City that provides medical, rehabilitation, nursing and other integrated services for the elderly and the disabled. It has been listed as a designated national health insurance unit for retired cadres, urban employees and urban and rural residents in Pinghu City. Among them, the medical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, spiritual consolation, long-term care, intensive care and palliative care are key livelihood projects for inviting investment of Pinghu People's Government.

Lvkang (Pinghu) Nursing Home has complete facilities and perfect functional departments. The outpatient department offers department of internal medicine, surgery, traditional Chinese medicine, combination traditional Chinese and western medicine, rehabilitation medicine and psychiatry, and opened auxiliary examination departments, such as medical imaging (ultrasound, CT, DR and EEG diagnosis) and medical examination inspection department. The "Rehabilitation Treatment Center" of Nursing Home is in the lead of the whole province with complete facilities, including sports treatment room, occupational treatment room, physical agents’ treatment room, language rehabilitation treatment room and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatment room, which can meet various rehabilitation needs of the elderly and disabled persons.

The patients of theLvkang (Pinghu) Nursing Home are mainly with cerebral apoplexy hemiplegia, elderly patients with chronic diseases, patients with senile dementia and patients with hospice care. Nursing Home has opened 200 beds, with elderly Advanced Memory Care Center, Considerate Long-Term Care System and Personalized Palliative Care, Care Center of Comprehensively Chronic Disease, Model Area of Medical & Nursing Service and Psychological Rehabilitation Center,there are five Inpatient Ward ICU, which equipped with a complete set of first-aid equipment, including ventilator, monitor, defibrillator, oxygen supply and calling system, meanwhile, established cooperation relations with Pinghu People’s Hospital, with opening Green Channel and implementing the dual referral.

The Lvkang (Pinghu) Nursing Home, with first-class quality diagnosis and treatment, top-ranking services, first-rate environment and reasonable fees for geriatric rehabilitation nursing service, won the age and the social from all walks of life friend's recognition, won the recognition from the whole society and elder friends.

The Lvkang (Pinghu) Nursing Home pays great efforts to practice the core values of "Pursuing high-quality life for the elders" of Lvkang Medical Care Group, carries forward the Chinese filial piety culture, cares people with love, and struggling for becoming the most trusted health guardian of elderly friends ".

  • Address:No.120, Houdi, Danghu Street County, Pinghu City, Jiaxing City
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