Shunchen & Lvkang (Yuyao, Ningbo) Nursing Home

Shunchen & Lvkang (Yuyao) Nursing Home was built by Yuyao Sunset Elderly Apartment Investment Co., Ltd., operating and managed by Zhejiang Lvkang Medical Care & Senior Services Investment Management Co., Ltd. It is the first specialized hospital in Ningbo that provides medical, rehabilitation, nursing and other integrated services for the elderly and the disabled, and it is also designated national health insurance unit for Ningbo retired cadres health care and medical insurance for urban employees, urban and rural residents. The Nursing Home is located on the bank of the beautiful Yaojiang river -- Shunchen & Lvkang (Yuyao) apartment for the aged. With beautiful environment and fresh air, comfortable and safe, as well as the convenient transportation.

The functional facilities of the nursing home are complete, including outpatient department and inpatient department.

The outpatient department contains department of internal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional department, injection and infusion hall, Chinese and western pharmacies and other outpatient departments, as well as the medical imaging (color ultrasound, DR, dynamic electrocardiogram, BMD-bone mineral density) and other auxiliary examination departments. The "Rehabilitation Treatment Center" of outpatient department is in a large scale with complete facilities, including sports treatment room, occupational treatment room, physical agents’ treatment room, language rehabilitation treatment room and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatment room, which can meet various rehabilitation needs of the elderly and disabled persons.

The inpatient department opens 100 beds and has two inpatient wards, the main objects of treatment received here are: cerebral apoplexy hemiplegia patients, elderly patients with chronic diseases, patients with alzheimer's disease, disabled patients and patients with hospice care. The spacious and bright standardized wards and humanized assistive facilities bring the elderly patients a warm feeling like at home. Since the hospital has been opened for four years, the nursing home has won the recognition and trust of all sectors of society, elderly patients and their families with professional, standardized and humanized quality services. In 2015, it was awarded as the "Standard Grade (A)” Medical Institution of Lawful Practice Classification Supervision by Yuyao Health Bureau

Excellent medical technology, the first-class service quality and medical environment is the eternal subject of the development of Shunchen & Lvkang (Yuyao) Nursing Home, the nursing home pays great efforts to practice the core values of "Pursuing high-quality life for the elders" of Lvkang Medical Care Group, carries forward the Chinese filial piety culture, cares people with love, striving to “become the most trusted guardian of health for elderly friends in Yuyao ".

  • Address:No. 777 Chang 'an Road, Yuyao Cit
  • 0574-58223274 / 58223251