Lvkang (West Lake, Hangzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital

Lvkang (West Lake, Hangzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital (was called “Lvkang, West Lake” in short) is operated and managed by the Lvkang Medical Care Group. It is the first specialized hospital in Hangzhou West lake District that provides medical, rehabilitation, nursing and other integrated services for the elderly and the disabled. The hospital has become a designated national health insurance unit for retired cadres, provincial staff, urban employees and urban and rural residents in Hangzhou. The Nursing Home was set up in Xiaoheshan West Lake Scenic Spot and relies on the West Lake Welfare Center, which perfectly combines the medicine, the nursing, the humanity and the nature.

Lvkang (West Lake) Nursing Home has complete facilities and perfect functional departments. The outpatient department offers department of internal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, combination traditional Chinese and western medicine, rehabilitation medicine and clinical lab, it also offers auxiliary examination like ultrasound, DR diagnosis, ECG by supporting from Lvkang (Hangzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital. The facilities for rehabilitation and treatment in Nursing Home are complete, so we can carry out routine sports treatment, occupational therapy, physical agents’ therapy, artistic behavior cognitive therapy, language training and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatment, which can meet the basic rehabilitation needs of the elderly disabled people.

The patients of the Lvkang (West Lake) Nursing Home are mainly with cerebral apoplexy hemiplegia, elderly patients with chronic diseases, patients with senile dementia and patients with hospice care. The Nursing Home has opened 48 inpatient beds, and provides 24-hour medical treatment, rehabilitation, consultation, physical examination and other services for nearly 300 elderly people in Welfare Center.

All sectors of society and older friends

The Lvkang (West Lake) Nursing Home adheres to the core values of "Pursuing high-quality life for the elders" of Lvkang Medical Care Group, keep up carrying forward the Chinese filial piety culture, realizes self-transcendence with sincerity, kindness and ingenuity, and strives to do everything possible for Lvkang.

  • Address:No.88, Xiaohe Moutain Access Road, Liuxia Street, West Lake District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
  • Tel: 0571-85226757