Lvkang (Hangzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital · No.2 Social Welfare Institute of Lvkang (Hangzhou) Hospital

Lvkang (Hangzhou) • No.2 Social Welfare Institute of Lvkang (Hangzhou) Hospital directly belongs to Lvkang (Hangzhou) Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital. It is a geriatric rehabilitation nursing medical institution under the LVkang Medical Care Group, which provides professional medical treatment, rehabilitation and nursing services for the elderly with disabilities.

The No.2 Social Welfare Institute of Lvkang (Hangzhou) Hospital was formally established on May 1, 2010. Located in city center, which under the jurisdiction of Zha Nongkou community. The transportation is convenient, with tens of bus lines passing by; and supermarkets, shopping malls and markets are in around. Next to the 117th Hospital of PLA. The hospital has beautiful environment with strong flower scents. As the earliest medical institution that implemented the new approach of public private partnership, the Integration of medical care, senior service, rehabilitation care, and the disabled support, the successful operation of the hospital provides a good reference for the comprehensive development of company.

There are 450 recuperated patients and 40 inpatients taken their rehabilitation tasks here. The functional facilities of the hospital are complete, including outpatient department and inpatient department. It has a department of internal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation medicine, acupuncture and massage, clinical lab ultrasound and other out-patient departments. A larger rehabilitation treatment center and rehabilitation training place was set up to provide comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services for the elderly in welfare homes and residents in surrounding communities.

The patients of the hospital are mainly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, osteoarticular diseases, disease of respiratory system, endocrine system diseases, patients with advanced tumor and we also provide hospice care services. The Inpatient Area is equipped with a complete set of first-aid equipment, including ventilator, monitor, defibrillator, oxygen supply and calling system, and has establishes combined efforts with several top three hospitals in provincial level, opens green channels and implements the dual referral.

The hospital has always been pursued for "helping children with filial piety realization, supporting parents in healthy aging domain and releasing pressure for the Communist Party and government”, carries forward the Chinese filial piety culture, cares people with love, proactive and enthusiastic, careful, precise and professional, we take good care of elderly health. Strive to “become the most trusted health guardian of elderly friends ".

  • Address:No.99, Sanliting Gongnong Road, Jichang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province
  • Tel:0571-86401261